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The MazorBooks Library

Children's Books
With Good Values
A Taste of Hebrew
for English Speaking Kids
Jewish Holidays
Books for Kids
Biblical Stories
Books for Kids
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Kids' Books

Children's Books with Good Values
Anti-Bullying Neatness Honesty Empowerment Empowerment

A Bully in Monkeyville

Clothes Have Feelings Too

Little Rose's Big Lie

Happy to Be Me - Boys
Positive Affirmation

Happy to Be Me-Girls
Positive Affirmations
Empowerment Happiness/Gratitude Career/Self-Acceptance Career/Self-Acceptance Healthy Living

Happy to be Me - Kids
The Combined Edition

Things that Make Me Happy

What I Want to Be

When I Grow UP

What I Want to Be

When I Grow Up:Book 2

Who Knew Vitamins Could Be Fun


A Taste of Hebrew for English Speaking Kids
Hebrew - Collections Hebrew - Collections Animals Alef-Bet (3-6) Colors

A Taste of Hebrew 2
Two Books in One

A Taste of Hebrew 3
Three Books in One

Animals in Hebrew

Color the Aleph-Bet

Colors in Hebrew
A Rainbow Tale
Numbers Fruits Alef-Bet (New Edition) Alef-Bet Alef-bet (6-10)

Counting In Hebrew

Fruits in Hebrew
At Old Country Grove (5)

The Hebrew Alphabet
2nd Edition

The Hebrew Alphabet

The Hebrew Alphabet Flashcards

The Hebrew Alphabet: Read, Write & Color

Opposites in Hebrew


Jewish Holidays - Books for Children (In Calendar Order)
High Holidays Rosh Hashanah Rosh Hashanah Sukkot Chanukah

High Holidays & More

Fun at Grandma
Sadie's (2nd Ed.):
 Rosh Hashanah Story

Fun at Grandma Sadie's.

Rosh Hashanah Story

The Mitzvah Gang
 and the extraordinary Sukkah

The Clever Dreidel's
Chanukah Wishes
Chanukah Chanukah Tu BiShvat Purim Purim

How to Chanukah

Chanukah in Pictures & Words. Interactive!

Celebrating Tu BiShvat with the Seven Species

The Purim Story
Purim in Pictures &
Words. Interactive!
Purim Holidays - Collection Passover Passover  

Queen Esther's Big
Secret: A Purim Story

Purim and Passover
Heroes Who Saved
Their People

Passover Story

Passover in Pictures
 and Words: An
Interactive Book


Biblical Stories for Kids
King Solomon Creation      

King Solomon
and the Bee

The Seven Days of Creation


More Children's Books from MazorBooks

ABC Book of Rhymes

Brian Learns to Tell Time

The Cat, the Rat, and the Hat Wearing Bat

Go Girl and Little Guy:

Search for professor Quackers

Have You Ever Seen?

I Want to Pet the Ducks

I Want to Pet the Fish

Little Rose Learns to count

Little Shani Learns to Count in Hebrew

The Magnificent
Cats of Lahaina

Meow Said the Cow

Modes of Trans-portation: ABC Book of Rhymes
Oh No! There are Monsters in my Room

Once Upon a Time

Riddles & Rhymes:
What Did the ABCs
Feed the Animals?


Silly Uncle Willy Bedtime Stories: 3 in 1

Topsy-Turvy: A Uncle Willy Bedtime Story

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