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Mark Eichler
Mark Eichler is the father of six wonderfully unique and different children. He loves spending time with his kids, teaching them to ride a bike or catch a ball, going on family trips or just talking. His favorite time of the day is story time (and not because it comes right before bedtime, although that doesn't hurt). Reading to the kids, as they snuggle up to him on the couch or in bed is a favorite activity. During the last few years, mainly due to one his children’s dislike of the over 100 children's books they have at home, Mark has been writing his own stories -- some based on experiences of the family others completely fictional -- and reading them to his kids in the evenings. After some urging and convincing by family members, Mark decided to share those stories (as well as create some new ones) so that more kids can enjoy story time with their moms and dads.​

Mark's Published Books
- The ABC Book of Rhymes
- Brian Learns to Tell Time
- I Want to  Pet the Ducks: Abey Goes to Washington
- I Want to Pet the Fish: Abey Visits the Aquarium
Little Rose Learns to Count
Little Rose (Shani) Learns to Count (Hebrew Edition)
- Oh No!  There are Monsters in My Room



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