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The Hebrew Alphabet: Book of Rhymes for English Speaking Kids
- by: Yael Rosenberg and Sarah Mazor
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This first book in our "A Taste of Hebrew for Kids" Collection focuses on the Hebrew Alphabet: A Book of Rhymes.

Learn the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet by enjoying the new edition of illustrated and spelled out words in English and in Hebrew. In addition to the letters, 22 basic Hebrew words that are appropriate for young children are taught in a fun way.

The words that are selected, one for every Hebrew letter, are written in Hebrew, transliterated and translated to English, and depicted with an attractive illustration. Finally, each Hebrew word included in the book is incorporated into little English rhymes that will help kids and adults not only to recognize the Hebrew Alphabet but to learn foundational words in this beautiful language.

In addition, the book also offers a Hebrew Alphabet chart, a transliteration guide, and proper pronunciation help with ‘sounds like…’ examples. A bit about the history of Hebrew as well as fun facts about this beautiful language is also included.

How do you say in Hebrew? Eich Omrim B'Ivrit - adds more fun and more learning opportunity.
Available in DIGITAL, PAPERBACK, and HARDCOVER editions.
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Sample Pages

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A Taste of Hebrew - Learning Hebrew Series
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Learning Hebrew
The Beautiful New Edition of
The Hebrew Alphabet
for English Speaking Kids

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The Aleph-Bet Interactive
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The Hebrew Alphabet
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The Hebrew Alphabet
Counting in Hebrew

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